Technical Overview

Technical Overview

Distributed Press has many components that work together.

API Server

The API server is how clients interface with Distributed Press.

Clients make authenticated HTTP requests to make updates to resources like publishers, admins, and sites.

The API server is responsible for locally storing site data to serve and seed over the various peer-to-peer protocols that Distributed Press supports.

See the API reference for more details.


The DNS server runs alongside the Distributed Press API and is responsible for resolving DNS queries for sites that it hosts.

This means that if you own the domain for the site you host (e.g., you can add an NS record through your domain registrar to tell it to look at Distributed Press for where to find where the site is actually hosted.

Then, the Distributed Press DNS server will respond with a _dnslink TXT record that will detail an appropriate HTTP gateway to reach that site from.

This means that anyone can access a site published using Distributed Press using a normal browser.