Getting Started

Distributed Press

Documentation for version v1.2.0

Distributed Press is an open source publishing tool for the World Wide Web and Distributed Web (opens in a new tab). It automates publishing and hosting content to the web that it seeds to decentralized protocols like Hypercore (opens in a new tab) and IPFS (opens in a new tab).

This site contains the technical documentation about Distributed Press. If you'd like to learn more about the philosophy, approach, and values and Distributed Press, a good place to start is with our vision.

Just want to get started? See how to deploy a site to Distributed Press or checkout the API Reference.

What does it mean to publish to the Distributed Web?

The promise of the Distributed Web (DWeb) is that it gives everyone the ability to control their digital networks and platforms. In distributed networks, the underlying code, data, and network infrastructure are managed by many.

Publishing to the DWeb means that instead of a single provider hosting your content, anyone on the web can choose to seed and help co-host your content as well. This means your content becomes much more resilient to censorship.

Distributed Press in particular, provides a server that helps seed this content to ensure that there is at least one provider of the data when someone tries to view your content, which greatly increases the availability of the content.

If you are interested in the technical architecture and how Distributed Press works under the hood, check out our technical overview page!