Deploying sites
How to deploy a site

Deploying Sites


This reference assumes you already have access to a Distributed Press API instance. You can either self-host your own instance of Distributed Press, use Sutty, or contact a member of the Distributed Press team for access to our managed API server.

There are two main supported workflows for deploying sites to Distributed Press.

  1. Sutty
  2. GitHub Actions


Sutty provides a content management system (CMS) that allows users to build and manage the content of their site without needing to know how to code it from scratch. The CMS provides pre-made themes and templates that makes it easy to get your site online.

We've partnered with Sutty to also provide a toggle to enable users to deploy their sites to the distributed web easily.

This is the recommended path for non-technical publishers, artists, and writers looking to get started with putting content on the distributed web.

GitHub Actions

If you already deploy your site to GitHub pages or any other static site hosting service like Vercel, Netlify, etc. then the GitHub action will allow you to also deploy to the Distributed Web by adding just a few additional lines of configuration to your code repository.

This is the recommended path for those with technical experience and know their way around GitHub and deployments.