How to update documentation

Editing Documentation

You are currently looking at the documentation for Distributed Press (opens in a new tab)! The source for this site currently lives on GitHub (opens in a new tab).

This site uses Nextra (opens in a new tab) which uses MDX for content. For most copy-editing changes, you can likely just edit the appropriate MDX file for each page. To find the appropriate file for a page, you can click the Edit this page link on the right sidebar of that page.

This site is automatically re-deployed using the Distributed Press GitHub Action so any changes are reflected on the site almost immediately.


For more involved changes, here is a rough overview of what's what:

  • theme.config.jsx: Configuration for the Nextra theme, including logo, colours, footer, etc.
  • pages/_meta.json: Page-specific metadata, controls titles and ordering in the sidebar
  • .github/workflows/deploy.yaml: GitHub workflow for deploying the current site